Project ImpACT

A Dynamic Youth Volunteering Programme

Post Bar and Bat Mitzvah is the perfect time for young people to give back to the community and make their unique contribution.

Launched in January 2018, the popular innovative Project ImpACT programme runs at several locations across the UK, with impactful volunteering opportunities on different evenings of the week, supporting a variety of Jewish and non-Jewish charities.

The programme educates and inspires teens to develop an outward and active approach to helping others less fortunate. The hands on volunteering opportunities also empower and challenge young people enabling them to develop useful life skills and enhance their personal character. Project ImpACT encourages the next generation to grow into community-focused leaders.

This year we are excited to be working with more communities and a growing number of young volunteers from across communities. We have also introduced our Project ImpACT Alumni Youth Ambassadors programme.

Participants are able to use their volunteering hours to contribute to the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award among others.

November 2019 - New Bnei Mitzvah ImpACT groups opening for Year 8. Sign up will be available soon.

“Volunteering and social action should be an important part of every teenagers journey into adulthood”.

Benefits of volunteering

  • Encourages an outward, active approach to helping others less fortunate.

  • Improves emotional wellbeing, empathy and resilience.

  • Gives a sense of purpose, responsibility and  empowerment.

  • Provides transferable skills for the workplace including leadership, communication, team work, and problems solving.

  • Creates an understanding of the work charities do and inspires young people to use their time to give back to the community.


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Project ImpACT is a popular inspiring youth volunteering programme, led by dynamic volunteers. Any donations will be appreciated and will enable us to continue to facilitate volunteering opportunties for youth across communities and charities that approach us. Please consider supporting us, thank you!

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